Interior Design >> Elia Apartment | Renovation, 80 sq.m, Yossef Hanasi St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Status: Under Construction > Amitai Apartment | Renovation, 100 sq.m, Shapira St., Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Status: Construction > Eylon House | Renovation, 140 sq.m, Moza, Israel. Status: Completed >

Public >>  Forest on the Hill | Honorable Mention | Music Hotel, 3000 sq.m., Jurmala, Latvia > Micha House Tel Aviv | “Micha” Organization Kinder-garden Complex New Wing| 350 sq.m, Tel Aviv-Jaffa, Israel. Status: planning > Micha House Tiberius | “Micha” Organization Kinder-garden Complex Old Building Renovation | 150 sq.m, Tiberius, Israel. Status: planning> 

Urban >>  Local Material | 1st Prize | Tel-Aviv-Jaffa cost line connection, Tel-Aviv-Jaffa, Israel > Releasing the Memory from the Ghetto | Entry | Besojlem memorial Park, Lviv, Ukrine | with Arch. Ram Kaplan > Going down the Culture Path | 1st Prize | Re-planning Haifa City’s old Municipal square and its connection to the downtown neighborhoods, Haifa, Israel | with Arch. Ram Kaplan and Landscape Arch. Tamar Arieli > Between Land and Sky | Honorable Mention | Stela Maris Historic road in its Urban and Local Context, Haifa, Israel | with Arch. Ram Kaplan and Landscape Arch. Tamar Arieli > Urban Nature | Entry | Jerusalem Nature Museum, Jerusalem, Israel > Open Public Space! | Entry | Ramat-Yishai “Yad Labanim”, Ramat-Yishai, Israel > Kibbutz Beit-Oren Entrance | Re-planting Kibbutz Beit Oren burnt hill , Israel > Ha'ogen | Kibbutz Ha'ogen New Neighborhood Urban Design, Kibbutz Ha'ogen, Israel > Bridge at Ariel Sharon Park | Entry | Ariel Sharon Park, Israel | with Talmon Biran Architects>

Commercial >>  Talk2dog | Dog training center, 80 sq.m., Hedera, Israel. Status: Completed > Pastabar | fast food pastaplace in a food court, 20 sq.m, “Cinemall”, Haifa, Israel. Status: planning >

Related Projects >>  Safra 2013 | Citypeloton, Anat & Ilan Behrman | 1st Prize | Public Installation in Safra Square, Jerusalem, Israel. Status: completed >

Residence >> Hessing House | house:230 sq.m. lot:1200 sq.m, “Ein Hayam” Neighborhood, Hedera, Israel. Status: completed > Abadi House | house:190 sq.m. lot:350 sq.m, Kibbutz Mishmarot New Neighborhood, Israel. Status: completed > Uri House | house:210 sq.m. lot:500 sq.m, Giv'at Ella New Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Under Construction > Ivri House | house:230 sq.m. lot:600 sq.m, Benyamina, Israel. Status: Before Construction > Ben-Yair House | house:160 sq.m. lot:500 sq.m, Shoresh New Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Before Construction > Sela House | house:186 sq.m. lot:300 sq.m, Kibbutz Ma’ayan Zvi Old Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Before Construction > Sagi House | house:120 sq.m. lot:350 sq.m, Kibbutz Ma’ayan Zvi Old Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Planning > Edelstein House | house:185 sq.m. lot:750 sq.m, Cerem Maharal new Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Planning > Laor House | house:280 sq.m. lot:480 sq.m, Ramat Efal, Israel. Status: Planning > Wohl House | house:240 sq.m. lot:400 sq.m, Even Yehuda new Neighborhood, Israel. Status: Planning >

Background >> Jaffa, Kedem st. orthodocs semetary - openning windows at daytime / memorials at night time, through the wall that currently blocks the view to the sea | Local Material | 1st Prize | Tel-Aviv-Jaffa cost line connection, Israel 

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